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Aerial Fabric

Wikipedia defines aerial silk (also known as aerial acrobatics and tissu (which is French for “fabric”) as a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a special fabric.  The awe-inspiring fabric fosters a high degree of strength, courage, power and grace.


Similar to the anti-gravity benefits of the yoga swing, the suspended fabric or “hammock” gives the practitioner flexibility.  Coupled with an intelligent yoga practice to solidify the groundwork or foundation on the mat, aerial fabric lends itself to the practitioner to create brilliance and freedom in the poses.


The fabric on its own, in every color, is expressive and versatile in its ability to flow and change form.  It can hold tension, create support, immerse, and has a sense of overall expansiveness.  There is power and ease in the small, integrative movements as we learn to develop seamless transitions.  The benefits of passion, play and practice unfold graciously in a mid-air dance.  

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