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Inversion Therapy

If you work at a desk in front of a computer all day, this class is for you to counter-act daily stresses.  Inversion Therapy can be described as the pull of gravity with the intention to let go. Yoga props are utilized for therapeutic reasons to position the body to be free of pain and constriction so that the mind can settle into the body and allow the heart to radiate.


The Back Care, Alignment & Inversion Yoga class on Tuesday evenings (6:30 pm) at The Rubin Studio is geared to meet the needs of the individual and designed to create space and freedom in the body and mind while inspiring the spirit. With emphasis on alignment, you will learn that it is possible to re-program the negative postural patterns which result in pain, headaches and inflammation. If you suffer from autoimmune disorders that trigger fatigue, nerve, joint and muscle pain, yoga is a natural, accessible and holistic means to relief.


With yoga swings available at the studio, it is possible for all levels to experience fun and ease in the class. 


For questions, please send an e-mail.  Appointments for small group classes or private sessions are available.  

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